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What made these violets take off like this? The solid purple bunch was just propagated last summer! Maybe it’s the violet food… or maybe it’s because I am the african violet Master! MuaHAHAHA! But seriously…

You can see the pink violets new pot in the last picture. Hope the new window location will do it good. 

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Plant update! Most of these are on the table in the corner of the patio. The jade plant is growing after transplanting it seems to be doing well in its new succulent soil. 

The poinsettia is really taking off since I pruned it! I can’t wait to see if it’ll bloom for me this winter! I’m supposed to prune it again in a few months to encourage branching. 

My gloxinia is really growing as well! I got it last year on the 3rd of july if you recall. I hope it’ll bloom! It has some blooms on it but last year the new blooms turned brown and died. I hope I have better luck this year! 

My only pink violet also is having so trouble growing with its buddies in the same planter. I’m extracting it so it doesn’t die and giving it it’s very own pot so it has a bit of growing room and more sunlight! 

Hoppy says hi! 

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AND MY PURPLE/WHITE VIOLETS ARE BLOOMING! I only have one white/purple plant I’m trying to get more started but haven’t had any luck when i plant a bunch it seems like all the purple ones survive or else they’re turning solid purple. I need to mark them better lol. 

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Here’s a photo update on all my indoor plants. They’re all starting to grow now that the temperatures have started to stay in the 50s - 70s!

Check out how much the gloxinia has grown since last time! It really greened up as well. The spiderplants in the 4th row were just a bunch of roots I put in dirt from when I fixed up the mega spider plant. There are plants shooting out of them left and right!!

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The weather is finally starting to warm up!! I brought some of them out now, the rest I haven’t decided if I am going to keep inside or put them all in the patio. It gets really hot in the summer and they stop growing. What to do, what to do… 

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The plants are doing great this winter! I moved the violets to the front room where it gets more sunshine and it really paid off! Look at all those blooms! 

I also cut off a long stem that had lost many of its leaves from the plant I can’t identify. I put the part with leaves in water, and the stem just for kicks I stuck in the dirt. I went to look today and found new leaves sprouting from the stem!!! SO COOL!!!!

My calathea is also continuing to bloom like crazy! 

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