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Also a few plants from our back yard. The easter lily is blooming FINALLY. Dad got a few new plants for fathers day too. The yellow one is a coreopsis which is the same as I had won last year at our church festival but it never came back :( The purple one I’m not sure of the name.

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I went to an estate auction today. Among many other things I got a box with all these pots in it for $1!!! WHAT A STEAL!!! When I looked closer, I found out the blue and green ones are actually African Violet pots!!! They are made up of 2 pots the inner one is not glazed to allow water to flow through its walls to keep the soil moist. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?! 

I HAVE 3 varieties of violets!!! I’m looking to downsize because I have so many of the same kind so I think I’ll propagate one of each variety in these pots if they work and keep one pot with all 3 in them in case something happens to one of them. 

My gloxinia likes its fancy new pot too. 

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What made these violets take off like this? The solid purple bunch was just propagated last summer! Maybe it’s the violet food… or maybe it’s because I am the african violet Master! MuaHAHAHA! But seriously…

You can see the pink violets new pot in the last picture. Hope the new window location will do it good. 

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Out of all the places for a mole to dig… it has to be under the tiny seedling of my favorite plant - the arizon sun =(  I got the seeds from my aunt’s plant last fall.

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